Dtime Energy Intelligence

Dtime Energy Intelligence is a platform that delivers data-driven insights for distributed energy asset owners and/or operators. The platform supports planning, operations and maintenance of assets such as renewable generators, energy storage systems, building loads and electric vehicles.

Data-driven insights delivered

Renewable energy generators

depend on the availability of natural resources such as solar radiation, wind or precipitation for energy generation. Accurate forecasts from these generators will help validate future contracts, minimise revenue losses and maximise energy system reliability. Predictive maintenance of the generators will help lower the operational costs.


with advanced metering infrastructure (AMI) and internet of things (IoT) devices generate huge amounts of valuable data. Insights derived from these data will help minimise costs, reduce carbon footprint and unlock new revenue opportunities.

Battery storage systems

support different applications such as behind-the-meter building energy backup, co-located renewable energy firming and flexibility delivery to the grid. Applied intelligence used for simulation, optimisation and prediction have the capability to inform planning and operational decisions that will provide great value for investors/owners/developers/operators.

Electric vehicle (EV) fleets

will add a new type of load on electricity systems, which if managed intelligently, could help enhance flexibility while incentivising the EV owners through cost minimisation, carbon footprint reduction and revenue generation.

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